Bartleby’s Brewery is For Sale

Due to personal circumstances, we’re sad to announce that we’re looking to sell Bartleby’s. As a coop, that means we’ll be selling the kit but not the company itself (though happy to talk to people if they want to take it on as a coop). It’s a fully functioning 5BBL (1000ltr) kit made by Oban Ales, with assorted extras including 50 + Casks. The brewery is currently situated in Belper, and can be taken on there or moved at buyer’s cost.

More details below, but please contact us for more info. 07934511501

Asking Price £30,000.00

1 x 1000 ltr Hot Liquor Tank

1 x 1000 ltr Mash Tun

1 x Underback

1 x 1000 ltr Copper

2 x 1000 ltr Fermenting Vessels (FV) with inset cooling-jackets, flat-bottoms, two taps plus inspection tap.

1 x Cask washer (x 2 cleaning heads)

1 x Chiller unit (x 2 outlets, 1 per FV)

1 x Wort Chiller

4 x Lowara centrifugal pumps, and associated hoses, including filling hose (3m)

Assorted extras: 50+ Firkins, 10 x Pins, 5 x 10 gallon casks, Mash paddle, hydrometer, est. £1000 of perishables (grains, hops, irish moss, cellabrite, peracetic acid, etc).

Brewery was made to order by Oban Ales.