Our Beers

We believe in character over conformity, quality over quantity, and bespoke over mass produced. Because of this, we usually have a relatively small selection of our beers available at any one time. Below is an abridged back catalogue of brews old and new – we’re always open to input from those who enjoy them, so let us know if you’d like to see a repeat!

Currently available in 9 Gallon casks (Autumn 2021)

Jackson Horse – Golden Ale (5%)

With more hops than a frogs disco, this is our punchiest pale ale yet – and with four different malts, it’s got plenty of flavour too. UK hops Bramling Cross and Cascade are added early and late to give this crisp light ale a sweet fruity finish. An all-time-favourite throughout the pandemic!

Wooden Boy – Black IPA (5.6%)

Dark as the night with a body akin to a porter – and yet hoppy as a pale! This is Bartleby’s answer to all those that enjoy a dark brew but don’t want to miss out on the hoppy pleasures. An adventurous blend that will make any connoisseur sit up!

Bossless – English Pale Ale (4%)

What lazy afternoons drinking beer in your local were made for. A classic English Pale Ale, full of flavour yet refreshing and light – the perfect all-round session ale!

Other Beers in our range

Chapter Three Porter (3.7%)

The Kilburn Manifesto – Winter Ale (4.2%)

Ribbon Ox (4.4%)

A classic English Pale Ale, full of flavour yet refreshing and light.

 Idle Bo Stout (5.0%)

A full-bodied stout, with coffee, chocolate and chomp – this is a long-standing favourite of ours.

Joya Best Bitter (4.4%)

A pale bitter ale, crisp and light and hopped to perfection.


Preference Dark Mild (3.5%)

Light yet complex, rich and rewarding, this smooth dark mild works as well in the sunshine as it does in the snow.

No. 1 Tricky – Table Beer (3.8%)