We believe in quality over quantity, and character over conformity.

As such, we may not always have all our product range in stock.

Please contact us to see what’s in. We’re more than happy to brew to order.

All our beer is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ribbon Ox – 4,4%

A classic English Pale Ale, full of flavour yet refreshing and light.


Idle Bo Stout 5.0%

A full-bodied stout, with coffee, chocolate and chomp –

this is a long-standing favourite of ours.


Joya Best Bitter 4.4%

A pale bitter ale, crisp and light and hopped to perfection.


Preference Dark Mild 3.5%

Light yet complex, rich and rewarding, this smooth dark mild works as well in the sunshine as it does in the snow.