We believe in character over conformity, quality over quantity, and bespoke over mass produced. Because of this, we usually have a relatively small selection of our beers available at any one time. Below is an abridged back catalogue of brews old and new – we’re always open to input from those who enjoy them, so let us know if you’d like to see a repeat!

Currently available in 9 Gallon casks (Winter 2021)

TALOA – Pale Ale (4.4%)

An alternative to your regular winter beer, TALOA is our new seasonal pale ale. Packed full of Target and Bramling Cross hops, this refreshing and hoppy beer will see you through the cold evenings in the comfort of your local.

Jackson Horse – Golden Ale (5%)

With more hops than a frogs disco, this is our punchiest pale ale yet – and with four different malts, it’s got plenty of flavour too. UK hops Bramling Cross and Cascade are added early and late to give this crisp light ale a sweet fruity finish. An all-time-favourite throughout the pandemic!

Wooden Boy – Black IPA (5.6%)

Dark as the night with a body akin to a porter – and yet hoppy as a pale! This is Bartleby’s answer to all those that enjoy a dark brew but don’t want to miss out on the hoppy pleasures. An adventurous blend that will make any connoisseur sit up!

Bossless – English Pale Ale (4%)

What lazy afternoons drinking beer in your local were made for. A classic English Pale Ale, full of flavour yet refreshing and light – the perfect all-round session ale!

Chapter Three Porter (3.7%)

Black and pale chocolate malts combine to give this beer all the roasted and nutty flavours you would expect from a stout, but in the form of an easy-drinking session porter.

Other Beers in our range

The Kilburn Manifesto – Winter Ale (4.2%)

Ribbon Ox (4.4%)

A classic English Pale Ale, full of flavour yet refreshing and light.

 Idle Bo Stout (5.0%)

A full-bodied stout, with coffee, chocolate and chomp – this is a long-standing favourite of ours.

Joya Best Bitter (4.4%)

A pale bitter ale, crisp and light and hopped to perfection.


Preference Dark Mild (3.5%)

Light yet complex, rich and rewarding, this smooth dark mild works as well in the sunshine as it does in the snow.

No. 1 Tricky – Table Beer (3.8%)